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  • Wollemer Stricke Canvas Bag

Knitting club in Heilbronn, Germany, my home town.

I fully enjoyed this project as it enabled me to draw upon my multi-cultural knowledge and experience. In addition to developing the logo, I was able to work with the club to come up with a name. After brainstorming many possibilities we decided on a very unique, dialect driven name, “Wolle’mer Stricke.” This is a word play on the German words ‘Wolle’ (yarn) and ‘stricken’ (knitting). It simply translates into ‘Let’s knit’.

Wir Stricklieseln aus Heilbronn sing ganz begeistert von unserem neuen Logo. Design kennt keine Grenzen. Der Atlantik war nicht im Wege als wir mit Diana unser perfektes Logo und Kanvas Tragetasche designed haben. Vielen Dank.

Strickliesel, Heilbronn-Sontheim

Us knitters from Heilbronn are very excited about our new logo. Design knows no borders. The Atlantic didn’t stop Diana’s and our collaboration in designing this perfect logo and canvas bag. Many thanks.