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Veterinary business with multiple entities

This warm-hearted logo solves the following complex needs of the client:

  • Reflect the caring bond between veterinarians and pets, as well as pet owners and their pets
  • Stay true to the original logo of a veterinarian hugging a pet
  • Incorporate a bird, dog and cat
  • Make sure it works with their different business entities

After tweaking an existing logo for additional animal care businesses, we were given good advice to more closely rebrand our entities. Diana captured the essence of our love for animals with design and color schemes that continually WOW our peers and clients. Thanks, Diana.

Don Powell, DVM & Owner
Direct Mail

Results-oriented direct mail successfully addressed a variety of marketing needs, including:

  • Encouraging pet owners to buy parasite protection products for their pets
  • Introducing area residents to new clinics
  • Educating exotic pet owners on the importance of physical exams
  • Informing pet owners about emergency services

Branding for all the businesses in the Pender family became much easier with the creation of Brand Guidelines.This aided the visual consistency of:

  • Letterhead and envelopes across business entities
  • Reminder postcards
  • Practice brochures
  • Banners

Outside banners picked up on the graphic brand and core values of the business to demonstrate the compassionate care and personal touch offered by the businesses – reinforcing the message that big need not be bad.


With the success of multiple marketing campaigns, the practice was able to re-invest funds to branding other materials, including:

  • New service announcements
  • Client surveys
  • Internal forms