• Pet Health Network Stationery
  • Pet Health Network Brochure Outside
  • Pet Health Network Brochure Inside Flap
  • Pet Health Network Brochure Inside Spread
  • Pet Health Network Brochure Inside Spread
  • Pet Health Network Brochure Back Pocket
  • Pet Health Network Brochure Spreads

Veterinary communication tool (touch-screen kiosk) for pet owner education

As the exclusive designer for this high-tech communication firm, I developed their brand identity and worked with an existing logo to create a consistent, pet-focused perspective for all of their corporate and marketing communications. Photoshoots with human and pet models were organized and facilitated for several of their brochures and other collateral materials.
Among the communication pieces I created were:

  • Letterhead – with a fresh, pet-centered look
  • Business cards that showcase each person’s pet (to tie to the brand)
  • Brochures that feature their product in a way that centered on its benefits to pets, pet owners and veterinarians
  • Direct Mail, posters, advertisements, invitations and more

I’m happy to share our experience with Diana at HatchHaus Design. I would characterize our organization as a demanding, detailed-oriented client. We require a consultative approach and a vendor that can meet our fast-paced environment. Diana exceeded all of our expectations and was always organized, efficient and one step ahead. I guarantee she will deliver the best possible results for your organization, worth every penny and then some.

Todd Paige, Owner