• Portland Research Group logo

  • PHN Stationary, LH, Envelope, BCards on top of Mac BookPro
  • Portland Research Group logo pencil sketches

20-year-old market research company with worldwide clientele

When this company moved to a new office, they were ready for a “pizzazzy” new brand image that would stand out online and in print. My direction was to present the firm as a group of professional, tech-savvy, active thinkers who are on the ball when it comes to providing accurate market insights for their clients. Bright, crisp colors and a bold, “we target the right information for you” feel is reflected in this design.

I have worked with Diana as a colleague and I have hired her graphic design services. She is absolutely terrific!! She is very accommodating and easy to work with. Her ideas are fantastic and she can clearly articulate reasons for the directions she takes. She designed the logo for my company and has produced print ads and I could not be happier with the outcome. You won’t be disappointed when you hire HatchHaus Design!

Bruce Lockwood, Owner