HatchHaus Branding Photos

Consistency is the best way to get noticed.

I can provide the expertise and the talent you need to create everything from collateral to logos to complete brand overhauls. And I have a deep-seated appreciation of the importance of matching graphic design to messaging, audience and business objectives.

I work solo (which keeps your costs down) but I have a network of collaborators who provide specialized services on projects as needed. I can serve as your project manager, as well as designer, and coordinate related services for the goal at hand, ensuring I always know the status of a project. Services of other experts (printers, illustrators, writers, web coders, etc.) will be clearly discussed and detailed with you in advance.

While awards are great and I was pleased to earn some, I’m mostly about helping you achieve the results you want – in a timely, cost-effective way. When you choose HatchHaus Design, you get creative ideas and solid design work that is on time, on budget and, in sync with your company and your brand.


With HatchHaus Design, every marketing effort will reinforce your brand’s unique personality. Whether our work together involves creating your graphic brand, rejuvenating it or creating a piece that reflects it, I believe the core of all marketing efforts start with maintaining a strong brand identity. It’s important for me to learn about your customers and your brand attributes to help create a consistent visual experience across all your marketing media. This way we can ensure that we build lasting relationships with your customers.

Logo Design

I have over 20 years of experience in creating graphic symbols that embody the essence of businesses and products. I will translate your core message into a visual representation of your brand that is clear, memorable and relevant to your target audience.

Print Design

Print is alive! It is still a very popular and flexible media for advertising and promotion. When we work together, I won’t let your brand get lost in the flood of images and messages that touch your customers every day. I will reinforce it with my fresh, creative design approach to ensure your message resonates and effectively reaches its target.

Website Design

Your website is a mirror to the core of your business for the world to see. It is crucial that it shows off your brand identity and the business that you worked so hard to create. It is one location which must bring together all aspects of your business in an organized and relevant way. Combined with the right development talent, we can build a website that becomes an extension of your business and your brand and the perfect tool to strengthen and lengthen your relationship with your customers.

Need an extra pair of hands? Consider me an extension of your in-house design department. I can work remotely as part of your team, on a part-time or on-demand basis.