HHD workflow

Covering every detail

Step 1: Let’s talk!

My process typically starts with a phone conversation. I need to become familiar with you, your business or organization, your objectives and the specific business problem you are trying to solve. It is also where you can get to know me a little better and assess my skills in relation to your needs. This first exchange typically takes about an hour though we can certainly augment this, exchanging information via email or other means as needed.

I will focus on:

  • your business/organization and the goal or task at hand
  • what has worked for you in the past – and what has not
  • your timeframe, budget and expectations

This hour will not be billed to you! It is simply an exchange of information to determine if we are in sync. If I am not the right resource or cannot perform the tasks you need, I will let you know up front and may be able to refer you to a resource who can help you.

Step 2: Estimate

I will prepare a written estimate and timeline for you. The estimate will include design time, as well as production time (if relevant). Once the estimate is approved, our work begins. (This is when I go “on the clock” for billing.)

Step 3: Collaborate

I will draft a Brand/Project Development Worksheet based on our conversations. This tool is designed to collect insights I have had into your business and will help us define our direction and clarify the message for your project. If you have a mission statement, brand guide or other documentation that defines your business I’d ask for a copy. Once everything is agreed upon, we will begin design–translating your core message into a visual representation of your brand, creating an image that will resonate with your audience.

Step 4: Create

I work my magic—­research, brainstorm, sketch and mockup designs. I develop creative concepts and present ideas to you in a PDF format, talking you through how each idea would work to fulfill your needs/solve your business problem.

Step 5: Review/Revise/Refine

You will review and consider respective concepts and we will discuss your thoughts. I will incorporate your feedback and revise or revisit these ideas until we have an approved direction.

Step 6: Produce

You love it, approve it and final files are created and handed over to you or to an external supplier. Depending on your project, we pick an appropriate vendor and obtain quotes. I can do this for you or I’ll work with and preflight files for your trusted vendor.